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Attraction Technology ClickIQ plugs recruiters into the UK’s largest network of pay-per-click recruitment media. Our award-winning AI powered technology, automated campaign management and intelligent analytics dashboard optimises job advertising performance to place the job ad on the right media, at the right time, at the lowest cost per click, ensuring there is no wasted spend.

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Why choose ClickIQ?

ClickIQ Win The Onrec Technical Innovation Award 2018

  • Plug into the UK's largest network
    of pay-per-click recruitment media
  • Optimise advertising spend
    by over 40%* using fully programmatic bid management
  • Improve performance
    through ClickIQ’s integrated AI
  • Effortless control
    of your advertising with our sophisticated Campaign Management tools
  • Intelligent insights
    from ClickIQ’s free Analytics dashboard

ClickIQ's Intelligent Technology

Our core product features bring effortless intelligence to online recruitment advertising for:

  • Corporate HR
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Job Board Providers

Sophisticated Campaign Management tools

ClickIQ’s easy to use tools allow you to set up multiple campaigns, automatically allocate jobs and set performance targets, giving you effortless control over your recruitment advertising budgets.


Integrated AI/Machine Learning

Using Big Data Analysis, ClickIQ is the first online recruitment platform with integrated AI and constantly learns from every job to help improve your recruitment advertising performance even further.

Fully Programmatic Bid Management

Our proprietary bid management software automatically optimises performance and spend to achieve your campaign goals, focusing your advertising on where it's needed most.

Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard tracks and analyses all of your jobs across every media giving unparalleled insights and allows you to easily create fully customisable reports.